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How to Hide Applications That You Have Installed on the iPhone

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It is possible that among the applications you have installed on your iPhone, there are some that you do not want to be known to be present. It may well be a game or another option, but you want it to go as unnoticed as possible. We will show you some actions that will make you achieve this in the most effective way possible.

The easiest way is to remove the app from the phone, but you may not want to go to this extreme. Without there being an option on the iPhone to hide an app, some configurations can be established (or specific actions), which will mean that very few will be able to know whether or not you have a development available on the smartphone without having to do without it when using Apple equipment.

Tips to hide an application on iPhone

As we have indicated, there is no option in the iOS operating system to do this. Still, some possibilities will make the app go almost completely unnoticed, like good spies. One of the first things you can do is disable notifications from the app from appearing on the iPhone screen.

To achieve this, you must look for the app’s name in the terminal’s Settings and locate the Siri and Search sections. Here, you should see several possibilities, among which you have to disable some, such as Suggest app or Suggestion notifications. 

This is a first step… that you can complete so that the development is not seen when a search is carried out (something that is achieved with the options Show content when Searching and Shows the app when searching).

By the way, we recommend you disable notifications on the lock screen in the iPhone Settings. In this way, you will avoid problems with what can be viewed if you do not have the phone saved.

Don’t see the icon on the desktop?

This is vital for an application going unnoticed on an iPhone (or any other terminal). To achieve this, there is a very simple process that few know about. You have to press the icon in question continuously and use the Delete app in the menu that appears. Next, select the option that says Start screen. In this way, you do not uninstall it, but it will not appear on the desktop, which is always positive for your objective.

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