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Friday, September 29, 2023
As a rapidly developing nation, Pakistan has seen significant progress in recent years in terms of technology adoption and digital transformation. From the growth of e-commerce platforms to the...

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The Arrival of Apple Glasses Would Be Much Closer Than Expected

If the arrival of Apple's mixed glasses (a mixture of VR and AR technology) is finally confirmed, it will be one of the worst-kept secrets...

Elon Musk Exposes Fears on These 2 Technologies in B20 Discussion Forum

Twitter and Tesla CEO Elon Musk participated in a discussion with the Minister of Education, Culture, Research, and Technology, Nadiem Anwar Makarim, in one...

5 Windows Services Applications That Can Be Disabled, Not Slow Anymore

To lighten the load on the computer, we usually disable various programs, applications, and files that may be running or working behind the scenes. Well, it's...

Pixel Fold: Specifications revealed of Google’s first folding smartphone

New leaks add information on what we know about the Google Pixel Fold, the folding smartphone from the American giant which has still not...

Signal will no longer support SMS and MMS in its Android App

The secure messaging application Signal has decided to stop supporting SMS and MMS in a few months. The company advises switching to another dedicated...

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An Overview of Blockchain Technology: What it is and How it Works

Blockchain technology is a revolutionary concept that is quickly gaining traction in a variety of industries. At its core, a blockchain is a decentralized, digital ledger of transactions that...

What is Time Travel & Virtual Reality

Time travel and virtual reality are two different topics that have captured the imagination of many people for centuries. While time travel remains purely...

The Metaverse: What Are NFTs, Metaverse, and DeFi?

The metaverse is a term that describes the collective virtual shared space created by the convergence of virtually enhanced physical reality and physically persistent...

FIFA and Crypto.com launch the World Cup NFTs in Qatar

FIFA partners with Coca-Cola and the Crypto.com platform to create 10,000 exclusive artworks created by artist Gmunk dedicated to the World Cup in QatarCollectibles...

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