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Is Twitter in danger?

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Sophia Winget
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Sophia William is a freelance writer based in Mexico, United States. In addition to contributing to AzmiTech.com, Sophia has previously written for The Wall Street Journal and BeardBanker.com During her spare time, she enjoys reading comics, and social stories and spending way too much time listening to podcasts.

It’s no secret that Twitter is in dire straits right now. Half the staff is gone, advertisers are leaving, and users are complaining. The owner also complains about advertisers leaving, mainly due to other people. Tweetbot maker Tapbots now sees the opportunity and has come up with an alternative.

Tapbots is currently working on an app called Ivory. If you’ve been paying attention the past few days, you might immediately know what that refers to. The company will soon release an app for Mastodon, as it first gave its face to the social medium Twitter.

Twitter app maker is working on a new app.

The app for Mastodon is currently in beta and early-stage development. That means there are a lot of bugs to iron out, and some features are missing. But for now, it looks like this is a promising start; who knows what the future will bring.

The company behind the popular Twitter app Tweetbot does not just do this. It probably wants to be ahead of a crowd of switchers by being able to offer a nice alternative to the Mastodon app in the future. That is the social network that many tweeps, through all the fanfare, are currently switching to.

One million active users

The Mastodon app has over a million active users; more than half have signed up since October. And that using the service for beginners maybe be a bit too complicated. Mastodon is decentralized, so there is not one server with all data.

Instead, some parties run servers of so-called authorities or islands. The social medium is slightly better than Discord, but with all Twitter elements. Think of the @s, timelines, profiles, and more. Oh, and when you post something on Mastodon, you post a toot.

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