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Ornella Hernandez

Ornella is a multimedia journalist covering NFTs, the metaverse and Defi. Before joining Azmi Tech, she reported for BeardBanker and worked for TV outlets such as Bol News and Telemundo. She initially began investing in Ethereum after hearing about it from her dad and hasn't looked back. Contact Ornella at ornella@azmitech.com

How to Empower Your Passions with Financial Support

Do you possess a profound passion or a beloved pastime that brings vibrancy to your life? Be it painting, woodworking, photography, or any other...

Tether USDT is one of the most popular stablecoins.

Tether USDT is another name for the United States Dollar Tether. It is a new cryptocurrency in the stablecoin class.The USDT Tether value refers to the...

The Bizarre Amount That ELON MUSK Earns Per Hour

Elon Musk will immediately come to mind when talking about one of the industry's most talked about and vivid people. The CEO of Tesla and...

What Is Web 3.0 Technology?

Web 3.0 (Web3) DefinitionWeb3 is the latest version of the Internet, which is decentralized and uses open-source code designs. Web 3.0 applies artificial intelligence and...

Twitter will launch an edit button, but you have to pay for it

There will soon be a Twitter Edit button. The cheesiest and longest-running complaint in tech bro social media history may now come to an...

Web3 Promise of NFT Intellectual Property Rights ‘Far Off,’ Says Galaxy

Crypto commercial bank Galaxy Digital has inspected the current NFT market and figured that Web3 guarantee of digital ownership and property rights "remains far off." Galaxy Digital studied licenses...

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