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Signal will no longer support SMS and MMS in its Android App

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The secure messaging application Signal has decided to stop supporting SMS and MMS in a few months. The company advises switching to another dedicated application.

Signal supported texting on smartphones even before the app was called Signal. But times have changed, and the Signal Foundation considers that text messages no longer meet their data protection standards.

You will have to change the default SMS App.

People using Signal as their default SMS messaging app on Android will have to find a new one, like Google Messages, Pulse SMS, or Textra. Indeed, via a blog article, the American organization announced the end within a few months of SMS support on its application.

The application will start sending messages to notify its users and explain the procedure for switching applications and forwarding their messages. 

Signal reassures all the same: exporting SMS and MMS will not impact Signal messages, which use a dedicated protocol. For the company, the SMS is not sufficiently protected from corresponding to the principles of protection of the private life of its users.

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On Signal, text messages are advertised as insecure (left), while Signal messages are labeled as such (right). ©Signal

Three reasons for this decision

Signal takes the time to explain the three main reasons for this decision to stop SMS support. First of all, as said before, SMS are not at all secure. The company argues that text messages pass much data and metadata directly to telecommunications companies and that the app can no longer let this happen.

The second reason is economic. In many parts of the world, texting prices are so high that many people have to use instant messaging apps exclusively. But many complaints have been made to Signal. 

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People who thought they were sending Signal messages texted through the Signal app and ended up with sky-high bills at the end of the month.

Finally, this reason is linked to the previous one: the user experience is not clear enough. All the messages received on the application are mixed, both Signal messages and SMS; nothing allows them to be identified very clearly. 

A little text in the message reply block says “Message Signal” or “Unsecured Text,” but the inattentive user might be caught off guard.

By removing SMS support, Signal can improve its end-to-end secure messaging offer more easily.

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