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How to increase your Snapchat streaks

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Snapchat is an application that can trace your whole day, right from breakfast to bedtime. People who use Snapchat have a wide array of friends who they share various day-to-day activities and thoughts with. You can do many things on Snapchat like drawing pictures, posting pictures, using filters and adding captions, etc. One of the most impressive feats that Snapchat can make you achieve is a streak! We’d like to tell you how to increase your Snapchat streaks so that you can enjoy this streak for more days.

if you are wondering why your Snapchat streaks are not growing in size or failed to get past a certain number. You may be interested in this quick guide providing plenty of advice and suggestions on how to improve your streaks and keep your Snapstreaks growing every day.

We will take you through everything you need to know to create massive Snapchat streaks, providing you with the knowledge you need to start building them and how they work. As well as how you can create them with the help of your friends and followers.

So, what exactly is a Snapchat streak, also known as a Snapstreak? A streak happens when you and a buddy or another Snapchat user have engaged in a few Snaps over the past 24 hours and for three days or longer.

It’s vital to note that this does not only entail conversing with someone, but also the process of sending them a Snap. If you’re curious what the longest Snapchat streak has been, numerous people have hit 2,000 and over, however, no official scorecard is currently accessible.

Snapchat streaks are defined.

After you begin a streak, a new emoji will show next to your Snapchat username. Informing your friends or acquaintances that you are currently engaged in a snap! The number next to your new flame emoji measures the number of days you have been on a Snapstreak with that user, for example. If you have a 5 next to your flame emoji, that signifies you and your friend have been Snapping back and forth for 5 days.

In the conversation tab, the all-important Snapstreaks number is located next to your friend’s name. If you reach 100, a unique emoji will appear alongside the flame to represent the achievement. The longer your streak, the more Snapchat trophy symbols you’ll have access to. As your streaks progress, more and more unusual emojis will emerge alongside.

To continue building your streak, you and your friend must continue to send a Snap back-and-forth to each other within that important 24-hour timescale. Luckily Snapchat will help you remember which streaks are ending by changing the emoji to an hourglass, meaning that your all-important Snapstreak is ending and is about to expire. So when you see this hourglass icon, don’t delay and quickly Snap your friend back before the streak ends. Or send them a message to send you a Snapback. As no one knows quite how long you have left before your streak closes once the hourglass icon appears. The development team at Snapchat is keeping this information behind closed doors at the current time.

Increase your Snapchat streak

1. Send Snaps everyday

2. After 3 consecutive days, the Snapchat streak will start

3. Continue sending and receiving Snaps every day to increase the streak and gain new emojis

4. Both users have to exchange a Snap within 24 hours

5. chat messages don’t count towards your streak

6. Photos and video Snaps count towards your streak

7. Keep an eye out for the hourglass and respond quickly

8. Message your friend to remind them to keep snapping if the hourglass is showing

9. It needs to be a team effort between you and your friend to grow the Snapstreak

10. Sharing photos and videos from your Snapchat Spectacles does not count towards your Snapchat streak.

11. Only sending photo Snaps and Video snaps to a single friend will count and grow the streak.

12. If you think your streak has been deleted in error by Snapchat, reach out to their support team.

Unfortunately, Snaps sent to friends in groups do not count to your streaks. To make one, you must have a Snapchat back-and-forth with one specific buddy or contact.
Even if you send a Snap to a buddy and they respond within the specified 24-hour limit, the worst can happen.
Snapchat has occasionally closed a streak accidentally. If this happens, don’t hesitate to contact Snapchat’s support team by clicking here.

If you’re serious about your Snapchat streak, it’s also worth remembering that Snaps sent to other users containing Memories or Spectacles content will not count towards your Snapstreaks.

So don’t get taken off guard. Here are a few additional suggestions and recommendations on how to keep your Snapchat streak expanding on a regular basis, as well as further information for Snapchat newcomers.

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