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What Is the Dark Web & How to Access It?

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The dark web directs to content on the Internet that is knowingly hidden and needs a particular software to access, such as Tor Browser. The dark web is a variant of the deep web, all online content that isn’t indexed by search engines.

The darknet provides Anonymity by keeping transmission private through encryption and routing online content through numerous web servers. 

While the dark web is often described as a lawless forum for criminal activity, that’s not necessarily true. The dark Internet is simply an anonymous space on the web that can be manipulated or appreciated in turn.

Is the Dark Web Dangerous?; Why You Shouldn’t Fear It.

The dark web, meanwhile, is problematic in some respects because it’s decentralized and amorphous in its connections. This means it can be incredibly difficult for law enforcement to control, which can be either bullish or bearish for investors.

No one recommends entering the dark web without proper knowledge and research because of the questionable content you can find there. 

At worst, you may be dealing with hacking scams or scammers that prey on people’s fear. Or your identity could gather as much information as a potential criminal if you are not careful.

Defining the Deep and the Dark Web

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The Dark Web describes lower-level websites linked together on an encrypted network that cannot be found by conventional means. 

On the other hand, the Deep Web directs the vast majority of the web. Search tools can’t access it, or other methods traverse only individual pages on standard web domains.

The term “Dark Web” refers only to those networks and sites which conceal their identities, such as Silk Road – a marketplace for illegal goods, including drugs, child pornography, and black market guns. 

The Dark Net does not just make some content private or provide illegal items. It’s an internet in which information about identities is obscured through encryption (Tor).

Who Uses the Dark Web?

Truly little is known about who makes up the hidden web, otherwise known as the dark web. Data on the number of websites on this dark web can vary, with estimations between five and six million sites.

Many websites have horrific images or pages selling illegal goods and products. On the other hand, the deep web can also be used to get things you need to be done discreetly. 

Jobs may still exist on the deep web where they will never exist on LinkedIn, being more descriptive yet vague to work out intense details, so dark may not always be all bad.

How the Dark Web Operates

The dark web includes multiple similarities and sometimes interconnected darknets. TOR is the major one that most darknet websites and users use, while there are others. Some examples are:

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  • Tor (The Onion Router) – an open-source toolset designed to enable anonymous communication. TOR sessions redirect traffic through a volunteer network of thousands of relays that conceal the originating location from network tracking and analysis tools.
  • Zeronet – decentralized network of peer-to-peer users using Bitcoin private keys rather than IP addresses. The private key allows changes to be made that then propagate through the network. It’s not anonymous, but it can also use TOR to facilitate anonymous sessions. Zeronet can use BitTorrent for connection management.
  • Tribler – an open-source BitTorrent client that allows anonymous peer-to-peer connections.
  • Invisible Internet Project – anonymous, peer-to-peer solution using over 50,000 volunteer computers to allow random routing paths through the network. The possible number of routes available makes surveillance and tracking very unlikely.
  • Riffle – a network anonymity tool materialized at MIT. It was developed to vend with issues connected to how TOR works. It is much faster than TOR-based networking.
  • GNUnet – a decentralized, peer-to-peer networking framework that operates over the most common connection types and protocols (WiFI, Bluetooth, HTTP/S, TCP, and UDP). It allows communication, encryption, and peer discovery.

Deep Web vs. Dark Web

The deep web is our regular Internet: our emails, social media profiles, and more. What lurks under the surface are forums and marketplaces used to buy illegal items like drugs or weapons. 

The dark web is nothing of that sort. It is nothing but a collection of international pages which we can only access through software like TOR. What we see as the whole darknet or net dark is not its meaning or core. Most darknet forums post for exchanging new cryptocurrencies with no legal use cases. 

If someone talks about shady things, they mean something like fraud trade in stolen databases from big corporations and credit card transactions. Since there’s no physical location where these transactions happen

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