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Future of Digital Computer

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My name is Azeem. I'm a Blogger & Developer. I also write about Technology, gaming and other geeky topics. Founder of Azmi Tech, aka Snapchat Content Creator.

Digital Computer , I believe that the future of a computer is not as limited to its physical entity, but every object and piece of data on the internet will be a small computer. With any connected device on the internet being a digital touchpoint, we are close to achieving this condition. With that in mind,

I think these devices should be easier to design and build-including optimizing them to suit different needs while avoiding control tower issues.

The digital computer changed the way inventors brought their visions to life. It was the greatest invention of all time. The benefits of the invention are shocking. One such benefit is that it is changing medicine. Predictive medicine is more accurate and less invasive because of this invention, allowing doctors to predict and prevent illnesses before they happen.

With that said, anyone could see that there are also limitations to computers because they will never be able to think like humans can and develop emotions or feelings concerning memories or scenes in real life.

Looking ahead, computers will become more self-sustaining. Products are in development to make them able to repair themselves and explore their environments as well. From a software standpoint, this means they’ll also need the ability to deal with unforeseen challenges with humans in control.

This suggests a better relationship between humans and machines that exist solely for their assistance: In their effort to progress humanity, they will depend on us more than ever before.

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