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Future of Snapchat Lens

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Snapchat Lens has been one of the most unique social media apps because they offer visual experiences that are more than textual communication. There’s been a strong interest in the features of Lens, and it showcases a neat way in which users can customize their own ‘selfie’, but there are no cameras for taking photos

which is what all copy tends to be, selfies. With its focus on disrupting visual communication, Snapchat is arguably becoming more of a social camera company, rather than a social network.

With its recent success, Snapchat will leverage AR (augmented reality) and ML (machine learning). It is evident that even though the app started with filters, augmented reality is the future of this service, and here is why:

Snapchat with AR technology provides the ability to have 3D objects appear in real life when viewed through a camera lens. To me, this means that we will be able to take 20-second videos or experience different places/possibilities in an area versus just snapping pictures at a place.

Snapchat also has a Discover tab where they advertise companies who want to promote their products on Snapchat thus diversifying content on their digital billboards aka users can’t switch out something they are not interested in. But now, Snapchat advertises these product names/logos with beautiful

The lens is one of the most popular features in Snapchat Stories. Using their camera and altering how the photos or videos from the app are presented using advanced filters.

Social media platforms and other apps are adopting Lens. This has prompted the popularity of Lens and swayed some advertisers to transfer to this mode for promoting their offers before making a purchase.

The lens is a type of application that is found in chat applications with which you can communicate with other persons. They have three different types: filters, shape distortions, and 3D masks.

Many people use Snapchat for their Snapchat lense because it is one of the most popular social media platforms that have ephemeral content, meaning videos or pictures will automatically disappear after 24 hours to keep people focused on the intimacy of sharing moments rather than future-proofing them.

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