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Pakistan Stands With Imran Khan

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Hold your head high, Skipper!
This is all that you could do. The people of Pakistan are proud of you., we will always stand with you our Kaptaan! External powers have spent millions of dollars against the captain to buy these low-valued politicians.

But the captain has won 220 million Pakistanis by firmly standing for the sake of self-determination and dignity of the country.

We aren’t a country of beggars but a proud nation with the desire to progress with integrity.

This is the time to stand with Haq against Baatil time to show traitors the door.

History will remember one thing Imran Khan was not removed for corruption, money laundering, or betraying his nation but he was removed due to his integrity as he stood against world powers & Mafias within the country.

Imran Khan will be back with 2/3 Majority #Inshallah. We Will Struggle. We Will Fight Alongside Kaptaan.


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Pakistan Stand With Imran Khan
Snapchat Lens/Filter to support Imran Khan PTI.

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