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The concept of NFTs doesn’t seem to impress Minecraft.

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The makers of Minecraft, Mojang Studios, issued a statement saying that they will not let NFTs be a part of their game. Since practically every game now supports NFTs, many NFT enthusiasts were shocked to hear that Minecraft will follow suit.

The popularity and market value of NFT would have expanded with a Minecraft integration, helping those who operate in the recently growing NFT sector. Denial from a game as popular as Minecraft was undoubtedly a shocking blow to the NFT sector, and many fans expressed their rage on various social media channels.

Alongside their decision to not be a part of the NFT craze, Mojang released a statement explaining all the different reasons why they do not want NFTs to be a part of their game. In the statement, Mojang said that “NFTs create models of scarcity and exclusion that conflict with our guidelines and the spirit of Minecraft. NFTs are not inclusive of all our communities and create a scenario of the haves and the have-nots.

By doing this, Mojang made it plain that it doesn’t want its game to promote exclusivity, which is unquestionably the only motivation for owning NFTs. Mojang cited two further reasons for not incorporating NFTs into Minecraft in addition to not wanting to foster any kind of splits among its users. The speculative pricing and investing attitude around NFTs pull the attention away from enjoying the game and foster profiteering,” the business claimed. We worry that certain third-party NFTs might not be trustworthy and wind up hurting players that purchase them.

According to Mojang, if NFTs are included in Minecraft, this will change players’ motivations for playing the game, radically change their focus, and encourage numerous profiteers to utilize the game for their own financial gain. Additionally, according to Mojang, if NFTs begin to be exchanged and advertised in the game, frauds will inevitably follow, and younger children or those who have no prior understanding of NFTs risk losing their money.

The NFT sector, in fact, the whole blockchain industry, has developed significantly over the past two years. Millions of people currently trade NFTs online, and the market undoubtedly has a bright future. Although the industry has been severely harmed by the NFT restriction on Minecraft, Mojang has every good reason not to include NFTs in their game.

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