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Top 5 Security Apps for Your Smartphone

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In the era of government surveillance, Big Data, and increased identity theft, people’s privacy is becoming scarce. Whether it is the NSA poking around through your posts on Facebook or Google analytics, private data are vulnerable to outside surveilling.

Many people rely on SNS but even they require their users to post in public by tweeting and taking photos openly. This precludes our ability to carefully control who can view what we want to put out there.

By using security apps on our smartphones we may be able to regain some of that lost privacy. Security apps provide a sense of comfort in what has become an uncertain future.

These five apps will offer multiple layers of protection to refresh your knowledge about safe spotting for incidents surrounding phones, other devices, and web portals for logging into social media, uploading selfies onto Instagram or making

1 Avast Antivirus
2 Kaspersky Antivirus
3 Norton Mobile Security
4 McAfee Mobile Security
5 MalwareBytes Security

The use of smartphones is quickly catching on across the world. From general web surfing to mostly banking and shopping, practically everyone relies on their smartphone for daily use. With that being taken into consideration, it is no wonder that texting scams and hackers have now switched over to smartphones.

Hackers don’t need a strong connection or malware to bypass your phone’s operating system; all they need is your phone number and 25 bucks in the form of a pre-paid card or amount within mobile phone credits.

The hacking activity can be traced back to North Africa and Bangladesh, with most of their activities taking place in the Middle East with large sums of money at stake.

It is crucial to keep your personal information secure and in the hands of trusted vendors. Many Americans share the same path in protecting their identity and credit card numbers from fraud which leads them to be hacked or robbed.

Gaming companies face a similar dilemma where their data safety comes at the risk of an attack and security breaches create a chance for advancements to be made to their system.

There are mobile applications available on all major smartphones that come with built-in features that provide security and safeguard intruders trying to access someone else’s content.

A lot of harm can come our way with a phone. With so many privacy and security flaws that live in our phones, it is important to take the necessary precautions.

Cell phone thefts are a common crime nowadays. With more people carrying around more expensive phones, protection on these devices is at its highest priority.

When developing your checklist of important apps to install on your phone, try to think about how you would charge the battery or use relevant apps if you lost the device for a while?

Another vital consideration that should be taken into account during this time is data security.

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