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What is Android?

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Android is a type of operating system (OS) from Google, developed primarily for touchscreen mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. Android typically an alteration of the Linux kernel. that is used in most smartphones today. It was acquired by Google.

Its main objective is to answer what operating system will be the best for a new device or existing devices and make the process of manufacturing easy and environment-friendly.

It has many applications that people use in their everyday life. And its main goal is to improve relationships with partners, create high-quality products, give value to brands and take care of users as well as animals and nature.
When it comes to the operation System, Android can be your first choice when you decide which smartphone you want. Android has many features up its sleeve from personalization experience that appeals to individual needs(palettes), direct interaction with device hardware acceleration, expandable storage (memory card capacity). Users

Android, is a customizable, open-source operating system for mobile devices that is typically an alteration of the Linux kernel.

Android google is one such OS for mobile phones, tablets, and other devices, you can get access to Android, by downloading the Android developer’s toolkit. The Android OS provides a rich graphical user interface (GUI) based on their touchscreen movements – in some cases, there might be no physical keyboard at all.

GoogleAndroid 4.1 was released in October 2012 which came with voice recognition and improvements to power, security, and usability. Over 75% of handset manufacturers use Android as the only platform on their devices, with another 10% using it in addition to another platform; with overall usage being 93%.

GoogleAndroid is mainly used in the Google Chromebook family, with many other manufacturers producing Android devices. It was mentioned explicitly over 100 million times between 2006-2011 in publications related to computer science

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