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Earn With Snapchat

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My name is Azeem. I'm a Blogger & Developer. I also write about Technology, gaming and other geeky topics. Founder of Azmi Tech, aka Snapchat Content Creator.

Snapchat has launched various tools that can help creators including; Snapchat APIs and search, discover and snap ads (targeted advertising).

Snapchat offers endless possibilities for storytelling. Instead of filling the screen with words, people today can create something striking with just one tap. Whatever your aspirations from discovering

how to become a Snapchat creator to generating content and making money from behind the lens– here are four steps you’ll need to start taking in order to see potential success on the app…

Snapchat is a unique app with narratives more engaging than status with stories from around the world available in both video and text. Users playback messages and post 10-second videos to their story for 24 hours after it’s posted and also respond in chat before sending a fully typed photo or video.

People are openly wondering how to become Snapchat creators, below are some of the key ways to monetize on the platform.

Users can use Snapchat as an advertising tool to promote company offerings such as new products, events, fast food items, etc. Their account becomes their billboard for others that view their posts regularly on the app. They can also earn coins through PayPal that promote content on other platforms.

Blogs that review this app are always on the lookout for new tips and tricks creators can use which can vary from the speed of production tool to small but vital design details. These posts remain popular year-round because they offer strategies you can easily implement.

Some other tips I stumbled across were creating something that is useful and exciting – a smoothie recipe for example. Relevant temporal content like #snowday2019 also ranks highly.

A creator has to combine two criteria in a job prospect:

– he/she’s a professional or expert on the topic they want to cover
– they are creative as they will have to continually create new content

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