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Apple drops new firmware versions for AirPods and your AirTags

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Consumers with a set of AirPods, Apple headphones, or an AirTag at home can expect an update for their accessories. The American company provides the products with new firmware versions that seem to solve the necessary problems.

Regarding the AirTag, consumers should keep an eye on firmware version 2A24e. For the AirPods, we are dealing with version 5B58.

Apple drops update for AirPods.

It does not matter which model of AirPods you have at home. The AirPods (second-generation and third-generation), Pro (first-generation and second-generation), and Max (Apple’s headphones) all come with version 5B58. It is not entirely clear what the update does exactly, but Apple does let you know that the problems have been solved.

The noise cancellation issues, especially for the AirPods Max, are unlikely to be resolved. Since May, the much-loved functionality has become less powerful, causing some comments. Although the choice does not seem to come entirely from Apple itself:

To check if your AirPods already have the correct firmware version, you can do the following:

  • On your iPhone, go to  Settings
  • Then choose  General
  • Select the  Info. option
  • Then press the AirPods model connected to the iPhone
  • In addition to the firmware version, you can see which version is being used.

Unfortunately, Apple does not yet provide a way to implement the update manually. So this happens completely automatically.

AirTag also gets a new firmware version.

In addition to the AirPod, Apple has also updated its AirTag, its well-known tracker. It concerns firmware version 2A24e.

Apple also doesn’t make it entirely clear what exactly is different about the AirTag but does let you know that problems have been solved. You will therefore have to see in practice whether there is a big difference in daily use.

As with the AirPods, it is also possible to check which version number the tracker has:

  • Open the  Find My app on your iPhone
  • Select the  Objects tab
  • Then press your  AirTag
  • Press the name of your tracker

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