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Avalon is Constructing Pakistan’s First Technological City

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The hype in Pakistan about creating a modern and advanced technology society, but no one has been able to give that ultra-modern living society that everyone vowed. But the hope actually of achieving that dream is forfeited by Avalon. Avalon is constructing a new housing society in Islamabad named Avalon City Islamabad.

Avalon claims they will build a thoroughly modern and innovative society with the latest technologies of our time. Avalon desires to make a society like none before in Pakistan with 3D theatres, wifi trees, and many more technological revolutions in Pakistan. Overall it will be a game changer for Pakistan real estate and would revolutionize our society if they are to live up to their claims.

Avalon City Islamabad will have an automatic traffic management system that has yet to be presented in Pakistan. Other facilities will also be provided to the residents of Avalon City, including street lighting, and the society will provide power until the National Electricity Lines are laid in the area.

Security is a significant problem for people these days. That’s why Avalon has prepared to set up an object and facial recognition technology to provide a top-notch security service. The location of this society is also very easily approachable. The Avalon City society is being built on Chakri Road, Islamabad, 3-4 Kilometres from the Motorway Interchange Chakri.

That part of Islamabad is not yet highly populated, but this society is predicted to be the game-changer for the place. Avalon has excellent names, making them a valid candidate to follow through with all its promises. Ex-governer Sindh, Mr Imran Ismail, is the chief of the new housing society. He has selected the most qualified people to complete this project.

The Urban Solutions, who have designed many societies in Islamabad, Sargodha, and Kharian, are appointed as the map planners for the Avalon City Islamabad. The developing company assigned to implement the Urban Solution’s plan is ZKB Engineers and Constructors, a renowned name that is expected to do a fine job.

Mr Imran Ismail has said in his statement on what they desire to achieve with this housing society that;
“Our vision is to provide a world-class living standard by building the future with fresh, innovative ideas and the latest technology. To contribute a bit towards the economic development by focusing on construction and creating the best business opportunities in the society.”

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The pre-reservations are already happening, giving you surprisingly low prices for such a great project. There are 4-year plans with semi-annual and monthly instalment plans for three years. The down payment for booking a plot in the Avalon City Islamabad is 20%, 10% for booking, and another 10% for confirmation of the booking.

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