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Telegram Introduces Emoji Platform, Premium Gifting

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Telegram is now rolling out a new update, and it is all about emojis. If you love emojis, custom emojis, animated emojis, or any other emoji, you are in for unique pleasure.

the launch of its new Emoji Platform on Telegram, “where anybody may upload customized packs including unique graphics and characters for Telegram Premium subscribers.” These uploaded custom emoji packs are available to users. Premium users get access to another ten emoji packs in messages or captions.

You’ll notice the sticker shortcut in the message box change into an emoji shortcut as you type, highlighting that all these new personalized and animated emojis are accessible.

A new emoji panel may be reached using that shortcut., where you may browse your different packs and see suggestions. To make things (potentially) more accessible, typing shortcuts like:smile or :lol will give you all of the available options too.

Animated custom Telegram emoji are available in 1-on-1 conversations, allowing “any user to press to play synchronized, full-screen effects” from all the emojis you send to pals.

For iOS users, there are new sticker, GIF, and emoji panels “with separate tabs for stickers, GIFs and emoji – just like on the Android, desktop and web apps.”

In other Telegram Premium feature news, users will find a setting to control who can send them voice and video messages. Now, you have three choices: Everyone, My Contacts, or Nobody.

Additional controls will let you choose specific people or groups; of course, you can always convert audio messages into text. Options > Privacy and Security > Voice Messages is where you may adjust these settings.

The last new feature for Premium users is an option to “share the experience with friends, family and coworkers by sending them a prepaid subscription for 3, 6 or 12 months – at a discount.” To do this, touch on a chat partner’s profile picture, then select “Gift Premium” from the 3-dot menu.


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