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The arrival of the iPhone 15 is the moment chosen for apple to take a big step

One of the screen sizes used by the current iPhone will disappear.

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Apple’s machinery does not stop, as is logical, and it seems that with the arrival of the iPhone 15 an important surprise is being prepared that all lovers of the firm’s products from the bitten apple may not like. This one has to do with the end of screen size that, for some, is essential to maintain.

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Apart from being the first model of the company that will use the USB type C connection within the iPhone range (due to EU requirements, everything must be said), according to the rumors -which are beginning to sound stronger every time- the company of Cupertino intends to launch the year it has a model named Ultra.

And, this would bring with it the disappearance of the option that is considered as the base: the device that has a 6.1-inch screen. Quite a surprise, but not without logic.

The market is going the same way as the iPhone 15

Obviously, we are not talking about something that is official, but if Apple decides to make this decision, it does not lack reasons for it. The sales of the models with a smaller screen have nothing to do with those that include a larger panel (and not for the better, everything must be said).

In addition, the general trend is to offer equipment that offers more space to view content, especially multimedia. Therefore, the normal thing is that the firm does not go against the current… And, in addition, there will always be the iPhone SE, right?

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