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The very best Apple TV+ series, according to IMDb

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Apple TV+ started with a few series, but in the meantime, there are quite a few. Almost all of them are of good quality, but which fiction series is the best? We list the top 5 according to IMDb.

If you’re looking for a movie or series, there’s a good chance you’ll open IMDb. Almost every show or movie can be found in this database. The nice thing about the platform is that users can give numbers. This way you can see which according to viewers is the best. But which Apple TV+ title scores the best?

The Best Apple TV+ Series on IMDb

Apple TV+ is known for its quality series and movies. A top 5 therefore does not do justice to all the qualities that can be found. In this list, we list the best fiction series so that you know where to start when you buy the streaming service.

Shantaram | 8.2

Shantaram is only just on Apple TV+ but already knows how to make a huge impression. The series is set in Bombay in the 1980s.

On the run from his past, Lin Ford struggles to stay out of trouble when he falls for a special woman.

The Morning Show | 8.3

The Morning Show was the first major success on Apple TV+. The series with Reese Witherspoon and Jennifer Aniston was the first series on the platform to win an Emmy Award.

In the series on Apple TV+, we see the ups and downs of a news editor of an American television program. There is, of course, much more going on behind the scenes than before.

Pachinko on Apple TV+ | 8.4

South Korean series is not only doing well on Netflix. It is also a success on Apple TV+. Pachinko knows how to score high among the users of IMDb.

The series is based on a book that tells the hopes and dreams of a Korean immigrant family. It leaves its homeland in an indomitable quest to survive and thrive.

Severance | 8.7

The first season of Severance has been available on Apple TV+ since April and you can rightly call it a real mind fuck. It manages to score extremely well with critics and the general public.

Mark leads a team of office workers whose memories are surgically split between their work and private lives. When a mysterious colleague shows up outside of work, he embarks on a journey to uncover the truth about their jobs.

Ted Lasso | 8.8

It should come as no surprise that Ted Lasso tops this list. The series has been inundated with critical acclaim and major television awards.

Have you really never seen Ted Lasso? Then you should definitely do that! The series is about an American football coach who is put in charge of an English football team. Although the results are not top notch. Ted Lasso knows how to conquer the hearts of every viewer through his warm character, positivism, and humor.

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