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Stray Game Players may now use their own Cats

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Ever dreamt about your cat obeying all your commands and doing what you want it to do? Well, a new game, Stray PC mod, is letting you do so by allowing you to use your cat as the game’s protagonist. Blowing up right after its release, all cat lovers around the world are undoubtedly enjoying the game. Using their own cat is a different adventure that will make their game much more fun.

The game initially has a single orange tabby cat as the protagonist, similar to ‘Murtaugh’, a cat owned by Blue Twelve’s cofounders. Players, by default, contain no other cat intention and can only play the game with this nameless ginger stray. The developers deliberately move this since they only want the game to have one cat.

However, PC players can now easily switch cats and use their own through a remarkable modification on a famed mod website named ‘Nexus Mods’. Once you see and start utilizing Nexus mods, you will find a variety of different digital cats in their library; using a feature, you will easily be able to find one that perfectly matches your cat. Once you discover your ideal match, you can use them in your game and take your adorable snuggle ball on an adventure far away.

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Why Includes Stray Had Cat Customization By Default?

With constant demands from players about a cat customization feature, Stray producer ‘Swann Martin-Raget’ termed this conversation about a customization feature a ‘heated debate’ and added that it all eventually comes down to the narrative of the game itself.

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He also said that the Studio couldn’t create such a feature since it has a small team and developed the game with limited capital. “We are a small team; production-wise, it was quite tricky to have something at the quality level we wanted. But the story is also quite important for us; this character is his story. So we liked him to be recognizable and memorable in the game:”

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