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Netflix is going to charge for sharing accounts

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Even the good results obtained in the last three months in subscribers (growth of no less than 2.4 million) have stopped Netflix from ending shared accounts. 

In a letter to shareholders, the company has confirmed what many feared: this will happen, and there is not much left for it to happen.

The streaming video platform first offered a tool that allowed users to be transferred to a different account, which was a warning to surfers. 

And he had indicated that at the beginning of 2023, it would be when he took the step to charge those with a shared account. 

This way, instead of persecuting those who do this -and breaking the company’s rules- what it will do is be permissive. as long as a price is paid for it. Surely for many, it is a nuisance, but it makes all the sense in the world that this is so.

The tests carried out by Netflix have borne fruit.

For a long time, the firm has been carrying out tests in countries such as Chile or Peru, where it has been possible to detect the accounts that users shared and then proceeded to inform the owner that he had to end this because he skipped the rules. Of use. 

But Netflix offered another possibility: pay a monthly bonus for maintaining the profiles in question. And, from the looks of it, the tests have been positive since they will extend this to all markets (except China and Russia for operational reasons).

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And one of the keys to seeing how users take this is the amount to pay for the shared user. If what is seen in the previous markets is maintained, the amount will be around three euros, which is not crazy. 

Everything must be said. But, yes, compared to what was done before, it can sting more than one, But, whoever wants something, something costs him.

This a good move by the platform

Little by little, Netflix has made very sensible moves to monetize options that previously did not give it any income and even increase options that will bring in extra income. 

An example of the latter is the new rate with cheap advertising -and a great option for many-. It may be the choice for those with a shared user since the amount is barely two euros more than what you would have to pay to keep what you use now.

Without a doubt, there is nothing left to say: Netflix, well played. Now, it only needs to take a step to improve its catalog to offer striking franchises, something in which it does not currently compete on equal terms with Disney + or HBO, for example.

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