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Google claims that Italian spyware has hacked Apple and Android phones.

According to the article, Milan's local RCS lab had created tools to spy on contacts and private communications targeted at specific devices. The businesses...

The Definition of Technology

Technology in the future. Will advances in AI, virtual and augmented reality, or scientific advancement change the definition? This question is important because a...

What is ransomware?

Don't become a victim of such viruses by having the necessary precautions so you can continue to enjoy your life in safety and peace....

Does Installing a VPN Mean You’re Protected from Hackers?

VPN (virtual private network) are some of the best cybersecurity tools available to protect from hackers, it is important to ensure you are using...

how to Protect your email account?

There are countless ways to protect your email, so it is important to know which are most effective. The first and most obvious way...

How To Secure Your MacBook Pro From Hackers?

A hacker can hack into your account on any number of devices and then use that information to gain access to your MacBook pro....

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