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TikTok is putting more effort into live streaming.

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The platform that conquered its space through short videos seems to be increasingly focused on its proposals for live broadcasts, especially on how to use them for sales.

The news circulated for a while that TikTok had given up on shopping lives outside the Asian market after disappointing results in the first attempts. But in early October, a report by the Financial Times suggested the format was back in the US, with extended time for big brands to enjoy the holiday season.

The new plan, reportedly known as “Project Aquaman,” takes advantage of social media agencies in China and live e-commerce companies in the US to train brands and manufacturers on scheduling content, filming, and finding hosts for the lives.

Additionally, recent job postings published by TikTok suggest that the company plans to go further into e-commerce by building fulfillment centers across the US.

However, live streaming for sales is not the only type of life that is receiving investment from TikTok, as influencer agencies from different countries are being hired to shape the content of lives in general, recruiting and teaching best practices of lives for creators.

The main goals? Growing audiences and getting viewers to tip – on which TikTok takes 50%.

If TikTok succeeds in this new attempt at e-commerce, brands will sell products, and influencers will monetize their presence; this should become a substantial new revenue stream for the platform, which currently earns most of its money from adverts.

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