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Elon Musk criticizes YouTube for “constant scam advertising”

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Elon Musk CEO of Tesla has issued a series of tweets regarding YouTube, including a parody that poked fun at the company’s hypocrisy in combating scam advertisements after claiming to ban things like cursing.

YouTube’s Terms of Service advise users to avoid cursing on the site for advertizing purposes, but it does not prohibit it. According to its rules, the site limits the ability of artists to monetize their movies that contain frequent profanity and obscenity. However, the ban does not apply to music videos on the platform.

A Google spokesperson told Insider that the company’s policy bans advertising that is intended to confuse or mislead users.

“We have a set of advertisements regulations that are meant to fight frauds and other misleading actions by poor actors, including standards that ban ads imitating other companies and traidmark misuse,” the representative explained.

These regulations apply to all Google Advertisements, including those on YouTube, and we actively enforce them – just in 2021, we prohibited or deleted 175 million ads across our platform for breaching our misrepresentation and trademark policies.”

YouTube has already been slapped with at least 18 cases related to bitcoin frauds. Scammers have already targeted Elon Musk supporters by fraudulently claiming a phony SpaceX digital token, making $9 million in advertising revenue through one video.

While YouTube has previously taken a tough position against regulating micinformation, particularly after banning Donald Trump from the platform, 80 fact-checking organizations have urged the corporation to tackle disinformation.

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