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Mobile operators pay a fine of Rs. 6.4M for giving bad service.

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Pakistani CMOs paid around 6.4 million rupees in fines to the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority. Reports indicate that the penalty was charged for delivering poor-quality services to clients.

Records released by PTA show that CMOs were fined a total of Rs 39 million, 16% of which was paid, and court appeals have been filed for the rest of the 33.5 million. Because of the poor services, PTA sent around 26 show cause notices to CMOs almost the country.

Despite the notes, the quality is declining; therefore, the familiar person and industry organizations are suffering at the hands of low-quality mobile services. The CMOs, demanding to reduce or finish off the remaining Rs 35.5 million fine, are still awaiting a ruling from the court, and the cases are still pending.

To check the quality of mobile services inside the country, PTA conducts a quarterly Quality test throughout the country, testing other telecom companies’ signal strength and quality.

Once the survey is completed, the results are transferred to different companies, making them aware of the locations they lack, thus attempting to enhance general cellular operations in the country. Besides its survey, PTA reviews client complaints about every mobile service provider.

Once a particular issue gets consistent complaints, these complaints are collected and fulfilled. In its quarterly testing, PTA registered phone services in 15 cities and eight roads throughout Pakistan. The locations surveyed also included Azad Jammu Kashmir and Gilgit Baltistan.

Like in all of its surveys, PTA checked benefits such as voice, network coverage, SMS, and mobile broadband and mobile data using its KPI. The survey result revealed that CMOs failed to meet the KPI’s minimum compliance level in network range and voice services, thus forcing PTA to take stern action and send notices.

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